Haridwar: The Gateway of Lord Vishnu

The heaven on Earth for nature lovers, Haridwar is the City of Rituals and worship. The gateway of Lord Hari (Vishnu), has Deep-rooted Indian culture and civilization. It is also known by other names such as Gangadwar, Mayapuri, Kapila. The city is situated in Uttarakhand state (Devbhoomi), Haridwar is itself one of its districts. The […]

Gym as a health and fitness tool

Introduction Barbells, jumping boards, running paths, tennis balls, cricket fields, and fencing areas are useful as gymnasia or gym equipment. When the weather was good, being outside is the best thing you can do for your health. Ancient Greece had a lot of gyms. Self-defence, gymnastic medic or physical treatment for the ill and injured, […]

The benefits of martial arts

Martial Arts is an extraordinary type of activity as it has various health benefits. From physical wellness to mental and physical improvement, martial arts clears the way for people to reach their peak potential. Some martial arts, for examples, qigong and tai chi are used for disease prevention and healing purposes. Martial arts can also […]

Just think what If?

Sometimes I think that what would be life if there exist aliens and spirits with us together. What would have been our existence, how different would have been our livelihood. Just imagine for a second, there would have all superpowers marching around us, we would be the weakest among them. The aliens and spirits possess […]

Technology in our life

Before starting this, let me ask you one question first. The question is that have you ever seen anyone who doesn’t use any technology..? Let me guess the answer…! . The answer is No. Isn’t it? This is a simple question, but the real question that attracts my mind is that; what are the reasons […]

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