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What is belly fat?

First thing I would like to clear to everyone that what is belly fat. It is the excess fat around the upper and lower area of your stomach which is known as upper belly fat and lower belly fat which gains due to many factors. We all knew food is the essential source of our life which makes us alive and all the food taken by us goes to stomach that’s why after having food we say now my stomach is full. When you carve you eat something to fill your empty stomach. The thing is how healthy you are eating and is it digestive or not. So the logic is simple belly fat is all about your diet.

Cause of belly fat

As I told earlier that belly fat is all about your diet. Our body needs healthy diet to make you healthier otherwise you will become fatty. Eating too much fast food is the main cause of gaining fat around your belly and then doing nothing increases it.

Second thing is you are taking healthy food but not working for your body. Sitting all the time in office and giving excuse to yourself of tiredness and using lift or escalator instead of stairs makes you gain weight.

Third thing is the obesity. Basically it is not just about your belly fat. It is a type of disease which contains fat in whole body.

How to reduce belly fat

Now the most awaiting solution which you all are crazy about. So my friends reducing belly fat is not a game of one day. It takes a lot of patience and hard work.

  • 75% of belly fat is about diet and 25% is your workout.
  • Getting knowledge about proper diet is very essential. Eating chapatti, pulse, and vegetables is not enough. It’s just a routine of Indian tradition. There are so many things which we are missing in our diet. Proper nutrition information and calories intake is must.
  • Fruits are very essential in daily routine. It contains natural sugar which is good for health. One bowl of mix fruits should be taken on a daily basis.
  • Most important thing is to eliminate fast food, excess sugar, fried food from your diet can help you to reduce belly fat.
  • Next thing is the workout. It is very essential for not just losing belly fat but also for living a healthy life.

What to eat?

First rule is to eat at least six times in a day. Our body requires sufficient energy to work which is not fulfilled by eating only two or three times.

Oatmeal, muesli, milk, boiled eggs, brown bread, protein shake, etc are the best breakfast to start your day. After two hours you can take a bowl of fruits. For lunch you can take boiled chick peas or red kidney beans with some raw onion tomatoes or you can add paneer to it. It’s up to you what you can mix in it to make more delicious. Eat nuts like cashew, almonds etc whenever you get hungry. Two chapatti with a bowl of pulse, vegetables or curd can be taken later. You can also add green tea in your evening routine. Always take light meal before sleeping. In Indian tradition tasty food is being cooked on night only like chicken curry, paneer curry etc and people consume it too much that’s the main reason of getting attached with stubborn fat.

Top 5 foods that must be eliminated

Sweets and soda, fast food, processed foods, alcohol, and soft drinks. These foods are so delicious that everybody liked it more than healthy one and almost consumed by everyone on a daily basis whether in a form of biscuit, drink or sugar in a tea. But in reality they can be best for our tongue but the worst for our body. Taste is a game of minutes or hours but body is meant for lifetime which we have to save.

Workout for burning calories:

Ignoring workout will not help you to reduce belly fat. 30 minutes of hard work is necessary but with full dedication that makes your heart rate high and reduce calories. Here I have mention some basic exercise to reduce calories. One more thing there is no particular exercise for belly fat. You can work for your arms, legs but belly fat is different. These exercise works for your whole body and make you lose calories which definitely help in reducing belly fat.

Running, jumping jack, squats, lunges, push up, skipping rope, crunches are the most important exercise that everyone should do who want to look better in his/her life.

At last the conclusion is simple. Just remember only three things. Eat healthy, work hard, have patience and the best result is waiting for you. Go for it.

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