Education: A system that must be change


What is Education?


Over the past several years people have made their own definition of education. If you have completed your studies like graduation, post graduation or further studies then you are Educated. But in my opinion Education is not only about the study, it’s all about knowledge, skills, learning new things, etc which has no limit until your last breath.

The trend of Education

After two to three year of birth, a child is sent to preschool for better development of their future where they are taught different things like talking, listening, word knowledge etc. Teachers use different methods to teach the child. As they attain the further class the studies got difficult. The bag of a student got heavier than their body weights because of surplus books. The syllabus and the subjects are very vast which make the burden for students. One subject took 30-45 minutes and continually studying makes the students stressed and their mind gets diverted and could not concentrate. Focusing on every subject becomes rugged.

Steps that should be taken:

In my opinion, some steps should be taken by the ministry of education to make the bright future of students.

  • Practical knowledge should be given more than the theoretical concept.
  • There should be limiting subjects and syllabus which has some future scope in real life. Otherwise, additional subjects should be eliminated. They are just making the students distressed and wasting their time.

Here is an example of one subject:
If I talk about Mathematics then long formulas and their derivation are just naught. They will never be used in real life situation. Only the basic concept behind any topics and its application should be taught and if it’s tough to demonstrate the practical application in such class then it should be left for higher studies but at least teachers should not waste the time in deriving such lengthy formulae, equations.
It’s not only about mathematics there are lots of additional subjects and topics inside them which are worthless. Although it’s sound bad believe me it’s a reality. Studying only to pass the examination is worthless. This way makes a student “Rattu Tota” or “parrot fashion”.

  • Another important thing a child should be taught about every perspective of life which is necessary to live with dignity. There are many other things except studies like behavior, self-respect, etiquette, sports, adventure, dance, singing, painting or I can say all other activities. We cannot limit our child to only education in which he/she has completed bachelor or masters.
  • After every 2-3 classes, there should be a break for all these activities of 1-2 hours in between other classes and a special teacher should be hired. In the starting class or we can say at primary school all types of activities should be taught and then left for the students to choose according to their interest.
  • In this way, a student can get relaxed and can focus on studies. These are the basic changes that should be held in schools.

About competitive exam: Few points that everyone should know.

Now the most important problem that every student is facing nowadays is getting their dream job to fulfill the needs and to live the best life. Government job became the need of every single person and getting it is more difficult because of a large number of competitors.
My main motive in writing this article is to share my opinion regarding education system. There is diverse syllabus for various exams like Banking, UPSC, Defense, Medical etc. There are so many jobs available all over the world and students are preparing according to the syllabus decided by the system.
But I am not satisfied with the partial syllabus.

Regarding banking examination

If I talk about banking exam there are basically three stages to get the job in the banking industry. The first phase is preliminary in which three sections are given like reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and English. After clearing phase one you will get the opportunity to appear for phase II which has five sections consist of reasoning, quantitative aptitude, English, computer, banking and financial awareness. Then finally you will be called for interview round.
If you look for the syllabus of these subjects then you gotta know that some of the topics are of no use because after getting job in banking sectors you are not supposed to solve the puzzles or they will not ask you to find the speed of train or to find the volume of cone etc and others likewise questions. I hope you will understand my point of view.

Alternate methods to select the candidate

We all know that our country has billions of population and every single person is in need of a job. So there should be some alternate methods to select the aspirants except the irrelevant syllabus which is worthless after job. Instead of this old pattern, some new ways could be thought.
They should allot topics which are used on the regular basis in the offices like if a bank is dealing with deposits, loans, interest etc. then there should be theoretical questions related to the respective topics and then computer-based test should be taken for a fixed interval of time. This method reduces the training time which is given to students after selecting and also helps in getting more expert employees.
In the same way pattern of all other competitive exams can be changed. One try can change our lives.
If you have experience of any others exams then please share your views and provide your valuable feedback.

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