Just think what If?


Sometimes I think that what would be life if there exist aliens and spirits with us together. What would have been our existence, how different would have been our livelihood. Just imagine for a second, there would have all superpowers marching around us, we would be the weakest among them. The aliens and spirits possess supernatural powers. It’s so petrifying even to think about them, how difficult would be to live with them. The spirits would scare at us all the time, which are invisible to us. They would make us work according to their wish and we don’t even dare to deny them.

The era of robotics is also creating a feeling of trepidation amongst us. The threat has been already quoted in the article Technology in our life. The three big threats can be called as AAA (Aliens, Aatmas, Artificial intelligence).


In today’s circumstances we, the humans are the most powerful creation of the God and we use to exploit the nature and other animals for our benefit and for the fulfillment of our fun. But if there is a thing more powerful than us, then the scenario would have been on the reverse side.

The aliens as depicted in science fiction movies have superpowers and if this is the reality then we have to take deep concerns about this. The aliens then cannot be stopped by the man power. We do have many advance weapons to tackle any situation but if the aliens have power they can even control all the machineries and may use them to destroy us.

Paranormal powers (Aatmas)

The other threat might be the paranormal activities. They do also have many powers which are beyond the imagination of human brain. The paranormal activities do not have a specific definition but the situation which occurs in a sudden and you don’t have any explanation about their cause is termed as paranormal activity. These activities are more active when you are alone and mostly at night. Hearing sudden screaming voices, feeling of some unknown sensations are the characteristics of the paranormal activities.

Artificial Intelligence (Robotics)

This is also an important dimension for concern. We are innovating ideas after ideas to change the future and in order to pursue this we have developed the robots. They have artificial intelligence and we can’t control them if they think by themselves. Suppose about a machine which tells exactly what you think about. They can even control us and make us think according to them. Or maybe we would become the experiment toys for them.

Bad impact

  1. We will lose our freedom and we have to run our life according to them.
  2. We just don’t have any power to restrict them.
  3. We will feel like their slaves and merely follow their instruction.
  4. There is a high probability that they would try to extinct our species.

Good impact

  1. We will definitely learn to respect the other animals.
  2. We will learn the importance of nature.
  3. We shall realize the responsibility of being the supreme creation.
  4. Environment will not be damaged by us

Chances of turning this into reality?

Although this is still a imaginary concept, but there is high possibility of aliens existing in the universe. Science and technology have already collected many evidences to find and fathom the existence.

On the other hand, the orthodox do believe in the entity of unknown power or I say the “Adrishya” power the Aatma. They do many things to cure the problems caused by evil spirits.

To sum up the article I want to say that these are all very far from the reality but the bottom line is that this could become a reality.

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