Life: What is your purpose?


Worst fact of Life that everyone should know:

Life is a very beautiful thing but do you know the beauty of it? Only few people understand the real meaning of it. It is not just growing by age, to get a job, earning income, getting married, then to become parents and saving for your children marriage and for hard times when you get ill. Is this your life? Really are you living in the same lifestyle? If yes then it’s the worst thing. You are wasting your life.
Ask yourself who are you and what’s your purpose of life? Is it meaningful?

Understand the meaning of your life:

You were bring into the world to fill your life with creativeness and to satisfy yourself. Because your presence on this planet with a huge population hardly matters for people living on this earth. Each and every person is busy in running their own life.

Learning is not meant up to graduations or masters. Life gave you chance to learn until you die. There is no age to learn new things. You can start from now whether you are at 30 or 50.

Everything include sacrifice and some sort of cost. Nothing is pleasurable but the question arise are you willing to tolerate the struggles. Are you able to stand even after the lots of difficulties?

Nick Vujicic is a great example to burn your mind. He has no arms, no legs but still is a very popular personality known for his painting, swimming, sky diving, and motivational speaker all around the world. He is great motivation for all of us. Of course there has been a tough time in his life. He struggles so much but later he understands that he is not meant to live with worries and regret.

He is living more happily than us who have everything but still are incomplete. Here is another example of Jack-ma the founder of largest website How he achieve success after struggling in life.

We are just living very simple life. Only in need of job and then following the plan of our ancestor like getting married having child, educate them and expect grandchildren and the same chain follows from the years. It’s not necessary to increase your hereditary. It’s just only increasing the population. There are so many children living in orphans whose parents left them alone. Adoption will help them to live better life. It’s not possible to help millions of poor people but at least single help can lead to a better future.

Purpose of life:

It should be something creative. There are so many things to do other than studying for getting job. Hobbies are not born with us. They are developed with the time. The perception of viewing the thing should be unique. You should always have a question in your mind “how” and should be enthusiastic about it. Try everything in life because until you try you will never know how wonderful the things are. It’s my personal experience.
I never knew about skiing and even don’t had any interest in it but suddenly someone discuss about it and an idea dawn into my mind. I just tried once and now I have fallen in love with that. Now I want to do it again and again whenever life gives me chance. Same thing happens for other arts also. Dancing, singing, paragliding, mountaineering, tracking, adventure course, martial art, drawing, painting, cooking etc. just give them a try and believe me you will gonna change your life and definitely found a purpose of your existence.

At last I just want to say make your life meaningful and learn whatever you can. Don’t live a boring life by just simply doing a job of 10am to 5pm and then giving such a worst excuse I am so tired now. I want to join gym but don’t getting time for anything and so on Obviously money is need for achieving big things but don’t get stick to only one thing. Find time for yourself and make your Life valuable. Be creative. Be unique. People will never remember the one who has a good job and earning lakhs. But the one who has a creative mind and a versatile personality.

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