Mathematics: Nightmare or hype

Mathematics – Nightmare or Hype

All people fear from something or the other. Whether it is Aerophobia – the fear of flying, Arachnophobia – the fear of spiders, Zoophobia – the fear of animals, Aqua phobia – the fear of water and this list can go on and on. These fears can be so bizarre that sometimes it is hard to believe.

Different age group has their own fears. There are many fears which exist in the students and the most common is the fear of Mathematics i.e. Arithmophobia. The fear forces the students to lose their confidence; they even quit enjoying their childhood.

Mathematics can be so frustrating that even students tends to commit suicide and there are many instances to find and fathom this. But the real reason of fear is the method adopted by the student to tackle it. There are numerous factors which add on the pressure of mathematics. The role of teacher is vital in this. The teacher can be savior for the weak student or may act as a tormentor which indirectly develops the fear of mathematics among the weak students.

Now the main question arises is how to cope this fear of mathematics? There are many methods which can be applied to eradicate the fear of mathematics. The first method is to ease out the syllabus and this can be done only by the education ministry but this is irrelevant to have separate syllabus for the weak student. The next option is to teach the students by innovative methods, to give extra importance to these students. But the real solution lies within the student.

The attitude of the student in this situation plays an important role. The one thing we have to ponder upon is that it is a continuous process, this fear can be overcome by persistence, devotion, determination, concentration and most important the will power. If there is any doubt then just remember there is no fear that cannot be accomplished. Mathematics can be a nightmare but it can also be a pleasure.

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