Social networking: Boon or bane

Ever since the technology has taken over the world by storm and have taken the title of today’s basic necessity, there always exists a big question mark to is the use of technology really important in our life? But imagine a life without phones, computers, and video games and may more application that help us simplify our work …It is almost equal to hell. But then the question arises, are they really worth it? … But actually, we live in a world where artificial lemons are used in a welcome drink while the real lemons are used in a finger bowl.

In the very modern 21st century people are addicted to the use of applications to accomplish their tasks.  Addicted ……..The term ‘addiction’, 5 years before this term was only used for things like alcohol but now mobile phones have become a major part of the list and they have become a serious drug. A study has suggested that children nowadays are more worried about the status they will have to update about the food they are eating more than really having that food. I too catch myself doing stupid stuff on my phone that is of literally no use like checking the phone 100 times an hour even if there are no messages, looking out for the new updates on the play store and eventually land up ourselves into some worthless horoscope apps. This is what addiction is.

I remember my mother telling me how they used to spend their time reading books, playing games, hanging out with friends hours of long talks and what not. We, on the contrary, are seen only in front of screens the whole day doing what? Seeing and commenting on what is happening in other people’s life and typing several messages which end up in pointless conversations. The only plus point in typing so many messages scrolling on the screen is that your thumbs get a good exercise all day long!.

Next is we need to understand that human beings are lazy by nature and would love it if other people did all their work. The introduction of the application has done precisely that. If you notice, over the years we have stopped writing letters; we now type Whats App messages … we do not even make the effort of remembering the spelling, because the new application on my phone has an auto correct in it.

All these things remind me of the quote of the famous scientist Albert Einstein, “I fear the day when technology will surpass human interaction and the world will have a generation of idiots.” At that point in time, Albert Einstein was afraid of the day when technology will be at it’s insane and humans will completely depend on it will lose their own thinking to become a bunch of idiots.

At last, I would like to take your leave with a thought to ponder that Time is what we want the most, but we use the worst. Modern technology and applications eat away most of our time and leave us nothing more than bad eyesight or a headache. They just harm their best users

My advice to my fellow friends is to be composed to App World and do not let it control you and your fate because “app world” is a “trap world”.

Thank you !

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