Top Haunted Places in India

In our childhood, we used to listen to ghost and Angel stories from our grandparents and enjoyed them a very lot but instead of taking these stories seriously, we used to laugh at them. Do you know? That there are many places in India that are haunted and there is a belief of people that these places are connected to ghosts and Angel.
According to the beliefs of people, most places are connected to real-life stories. Let’s talk about some Top Haunted Places in India.

Bhangarh Fort(Qila)

This Fort is situated between Jaipur and Alwar of Rajasthan. With the beautiful and rich heritage of the Royal family, this Fort looks Beautiful but this beautiful Fort is among the Top Haunted Places in India. There is a belief of people that after 12 ‘o’clock at midnight, this place looks like a ghost camp.
It is believed that people cannot stay at Night in the Fort, Person who stays here at the night, is found dead in the morning.

Cantt Area, Delhi

There are many secrets buried in the chest of Delhi, the city of Dilwale, which is better if they do not come to the fore, one of them is the Cantt area of ​​Delhi. The Cantt area of ​​Delhi, which is the haunt of ghosts, it is said about this area that during the night, a girl is seen asking people for a lift and whoever gives her a lift, untoward happens with her.
In this area of ​​Delhi, people have often seen this girl asking for a lift in a white sari, people also say that if someone refuses to give a lift to this girl, then that girl chases very fast to him.

Jamali Kamali Maszid (Mosque), Delhi

This name sounds a bit strange, but in fact, this name is named after two Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali. The invisible powers slap those who enter this mosque, it is also said that jinns reside here.

Agrasen Ki Bawri, Delhi

Maharaja Agrasen had built this stepwell (Bawri) in the fourteenth century, it used to be full of water at one time but now it has dried up. It is famous about it that its black water is used to hypnotize people and incite them to suicide.

Sanivarwada Fort(Quila), Pune

The story of brutally killing a thirteen-year-old Peshwa prince is prevalent in this fort. It is said that the prince was murdered on the orders of his aunt, the prince ran throughout the palace to save his life and kept shouting the name of his uncle for help but no one came to his aid. Even today the voice of the prince’s shout is heard here. Quite a scary place isn’t it?

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