What is the state of Mind?


Do you remember those days when the teacher used to ask us question. What is the name of your state? What are the states of water? And many more such questions. We used to raise our hands to answer these questions. We at that time only link the word state to those sorts of things.

State of mind?

But in this article we will try to find out what is the State of mind? So let’s start this topic by considering example, and to make it interesting just put yourself in this example.

Suppose you are a 5th class student and teacher has told you to do some homework, and by mistake you forgot to do it. So, there is huge possibility of getting punishment but to your surprise the teacher didn’t punish you. Now on the contrary, there would have been a condition in those studying days that you have done the homework but you still got punished.

What did you inculcate from the above two condition. These are the examples of state of mind; in the first instance the teacher had a good state of mind and in the other the only difference of the bad state of mind.

So it is clear that a man can have either a good state of mind or bad state of mind. These two states are the part and parcel of our life. In every sphere of life, the state of mind has a key role to play.

Some examples of state of mind

When we are happy we play with kids, we love the way they scream about but on the contrary if we are mentally blocked then the same screaming sounds of the children seems to irritate us.

Whenever some old person dies, we generally say it is the truth of life which is inevitable and whosoever has taken birth must die, but when a kid or youth dies we say that the god is harsh. In both the cases the death is the ultimate. It is only our mental state which is contrasting.

Some say that girls cannot do the work that the boys or men usually do. They are fixed in their narrow boundaries, they merely follows the stereotypes which they have been transferred by their ancestors, but we do have seen that girls can do a lot even better than the boys in every aspects of life. This is only the role of their state of mind.

We have often seen people saying life is a game either you adapt or you perish. The famous Hindi dialogues either you “Khelo” or you “Jhelo”. This also reflects our state of mind.

What role does the state of mind play?

Now the question arising in your mind is that why I am sharing these examples with you. If the question is arising then you are in the right state of mind. Confused..?

So allow me to clarify your dilemma. The reason I am making you read this is that, life is full of opportunities and challenges. If you have right state of mind then only you can cope with the society or with your own life. Just don’t ruin the golden opportunity because of the wrong state of mind.

Today we see some rare people are getting huge success such as Elon Musk, Jack Ma etc but many are still loitering here and there. Yes, the talent is already there but how you use this talent is vital and the state of mind influences it the most.

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