What is true health?


Health is considered to be the first and foremost requirement of a person as it provides one with real happiness. To be healthy is to be happy. But, the notion of health needs to be understood fully.

First Dimension

The first dimension of health refers to our physical well-being. Good physical health means a fit body- fitness of all limbs and organs of the body, so that they are flexible enough to move without any problem at our command.

To be physically fit, one needs to be particular about the diet, i.e. the food intake, which should contain all the elements required by the body- vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, and a fair amount of roughage and water. Similarly, one should follow a proper routine for sleeping, getting up, taking meals, etc.

The daily routine should have a provision for taking physical exercise, entertainment and rest. It should be kept in mind while following a routine that it reflects a balanced approach while allotting appropriate time to different activities. There should also be enough space to communicate with others. It has been seen in some cases that if someone is fitness freak, it cuts himself/herself from the world. This is not a good thing.

Second Dimension

The second dimension of health refers to our psychological well-being. One must have healthy and positive thinking. Vices like dishonesty, jealousy, selfishness etc. have absolutely no place in a healthy mind. If one is suffering from these vices, one will be termed as mentally sick and negative.

The things we do, the songs we listen, the literature we read, the beauty we admire, the friendship we share, the knowledge we acquire, the praise we get from others and above all the joy we get by helping others is incomparable. These all adds to our good mental health. Always think of doing good things to others while doing good to own self. Mind it, your own good is a part of a common good of the community around.

Helping others also builds our character and ultimately helps in building a prosperous society. How can you rest peacefully when others in your neighbourhoods are unhappy? Healthy thinking leads to healthy actions. One has to have an open mind, always ready to suggest and accept wise advises. “Cooperation” is the real world, which can describe the healthy mind. It means to operate from both sides. Your righteousness will definitely motivate others to react rightly to you and to others. Thus, a healthy mind depends upon and involves healthy thinking.

If both these dimensions of health are better coordinated, then only one is said to be healthy. So at last I want to sum up by saying- “STAY FIT, THINK POSITIVE, EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE DAILY, WORRY LESS, SLEEP WELL”.

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