Word cup prediction for quarter finalist

As we already got remaining 16 teams in the world cup and my previous article about the group stage prediction is 90% correct. Here with Increased competition and every player want to give the best shot. I would like to predict the quarter finalist of this world cup 2018.

The first match of the knockout is going to start in few hours. Argentina making only 4 points in the table seemed to be out of world cup along with the other finalist of the world cup Germany. Yet, somehow qualified, and now they are up against France. Here, looking at the performance of both teams I would prefer France over Argentina. The match would be interesting to watch and Messi could be seen in work, I predict here to France for quarter-final though.

Moving to the next match with is again seems one sided with Uruguay seems too strong against Portugal. However, I stay with theory of competition “Theory of evolution says strong should survive, maybe so; However, the theory of competition says, if you are strong doesn’t mean you can get your ass kicked’. Here the positive Portugal fighting and Rolando seems to be at playing all his heart due to his final world cup. You would see very odd results here. Thereby, I am going to prefer Portugal over Uruguay in this match.

Brazil Vs Mexico seems to be one-sided after Sweden crushed Mexico in the final group match. Thus, I am going to predict Brazil is going further in the tournament.

Belgium Vs Japan match. To be honest I really want to support Japan here. However, they do not have any match against Belgium. Belgium this team is too strong maybe strongest in the whole world cup. My prediction is Belgium is going ahead and it feels bad to say that this is the end of the journey of hard-working Japan in 2018 world.

The way Spain perform against Morocco made me a bit confused if they can defeat Russia or not. This penalty shoot-out thriller should go for Spain due to David De Gea.

In Croatia Vs Denmark match, the way Croatian team has performed in group stage almost knocking out Argentina and then saving them again to top 16 says it all. They are definitely going to the quarterfinal.

The Sweden Vs Switzerland match; Due to the ban of two important players of Switzerland, their attack seems weaker now. Hence Sweden is going to qualify further for quarterfinals.

Colombia Vs England, I would prefer England in this match. They would have lost their final group match but they were not even using their full strength as all the main players were on the bench. I am clicking England for the quarterfinal here.

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